Are you Ready for a Tornado to Hit Your Property?

April 26, 2016 – It may not be fun to think about, but meteorologists in the area are predicating another severe thunderstorm to hit the Kansas City area again today, around 8 pm this evening. This storm is predicted to produce heavy rains, winds up to 70 mph, large hail, and has the potential to produce large tornadoes.

Most think a tornado will never hit their home or business, but in reality tornadoes are not all that uncommon. According to the Disaster Center’s Tornado Ranking both Missouri and Kansas are both in the top 15 States for Tornado Risk. ServiceMaster DSI has created a Tornado Safety Checklist for your home to help you prepare for this storm.

Be Ready before this Storm Arrives

  • Determine where your tornado safety room is located:
    • Your safety room should be located in the lowest level of your home.
    • If you do not have a basement, go to a room in the centermost part of the building on the ground floor.
    • Be sure to stay away from Glass and/or Windows.
    • If you’re in a mobile home or temporary structure, get out and find something more stable.
  • Make sure you have the right coverage for Tornado Damage. Call your Insurance Agent to check.
  • Make a home inventory by taking video, pictures and making a list of items. QUICK TIP: Take a video of each room and email it to yourself.
  • Gather all important documents in one place
    • If you do not have time, snap a picture of all important documents on your phone.
  • Know where your water and electrical shut offs are
  • Create a Tornado Safety Kit:
    • Add First Aid Kits
    • Water
    • Non-perishable food items
    • Matches/Candles/Flashlights
    • Battery Operated Radio
    • Tools
  • Make sure you know the evacuation routes in your community in case roads are blocked and you need to get out.
  • Download a weather or tornado app

Be Sure to Listen and/or Watch the News Tonight

  • Know the Tornado Alerts
    • A tornado watch is where atmospheric conditions are favorable for a tornado to occur.
    • A tornado warning means that a tornado is imminent.

What to do During a Tornado

  • Seek Shelter Immediately
    • Go to your Tornado Safety Room
  • Use What You Have for Additional Protection
    • Use a blanket, mattress or possibly a table to cover your body if the tornado hits your property.

After a Tornado Hits

  • Safety First
    • Assess the situation before taking any action
    • Take a headcount of your family or personnel if in an office to ensure their safety.
    • Look for safety hazards such as electrical wires, gas leaks, toxic materials and damages to anything that could fall on you.
  • Assess Your Property
    • Make sure an emergency professional has declared your structure safe before re-entering.
    • Inspect utilities in the damaged structure. Shut off water, electric, etc, if needed.
  • Recovery Actions
    • Call your Insurance Agent and report the claim.
    • Minimize additional damage by calling ServiceMaster DSI as quickly as possible at 800-954-9444, to ensure proper steps are taken to mitigate the situation. Call as soon as you can.
      • Temporary Repairs: ServiceMaster DSI can handle board-up and temporary repairs
    • Document your damage
      • Review your video of rooms and inventory the damage goods.
    • Take photographs of your damaged property.

Contact ServiceMaster DSI at 800-954-9444 for tornado repairs. ServiceMaster DSI has the manpower and the required resources to quickly and efficiently restore your damaged building. From cleaning all of your property’s contents to rebuilding the damaged structure. We are always there to provide step-by-step explanations each step of the way to help ease any confusion.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this guide! I know that in a lot of areas where tornados are common, people tend to underestimate what they can do. It’s crucial to do what you can to protect your home and your loved ones when it’s tornado season.

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