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Aftereffects of Hurricanes: Dealing with Water Damage Repair

When discussing hurricanes, most people think about the state of Florida as it is greatly affected by the natural occurring storms. Louisiana, Alabama, and other coastal states also see the first effects of hurricanes. Inland states, including Missouri, can experience the disastrous aftereffects of a downgraded hurricane or tropical storm.   As a part of […]

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Overflowing Sewer System? Rely on Sewer Backup Cleanup in Denver, CO

As homeowners, we rely on many systems to function every day. One area that doesn’t receive much attention is the sewer system. We use the bathroom regularly and flush the toilet but don’t really give the system much thought until an issue arises. In many homes, a horrible situation that can occur is when the […]

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Top 5 Tornado Myths Debunked

Tornadoes are one of nature’s most formidable and destructive events, and yet there are a large number of misconceptions that exist about this unique phenomenon. Recognizing the difference between tornado myths and facts can help protect your home, family and business in the event of a storm. Here’s a list of some of the 5 […]

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Skip the close calls and emergencies with these fireworks safety tips from the experts at ServiceMaster DSI. The Basics With some common sense and a few basic tips, you can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Consider these rules your starting point for handling fireworks responsibly: DO obey all local laws. DON’T let […]

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Fighting a Fire: Learn How Disaster Restoration in Chicago, IL, Can Help

For most homeowners, they feel the threat of fire comes in the wintertime when heating units are in continuous use. However, a fire can occur at any time, even during the summer months. Knowing how to fight a fire is important as well as who to turn to for help. With ServiceMaster DSI’s disaster restoration […]

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When it Rains, It Molds: Mold Prevention

The Midwest has been barraged with rainfall this spring causing an above average amount of flooding and mold growth in homes. Mold can be found anywhere moisture is present and caused by rain seeping in, leaking pipes, cooking, showering, and even insufficient ventilation in the home. Mold contamination is very harmful to your health, property, […]

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Diving In: How to Tackle a Hoarder’s Home with Hoarding Cleanup in Kansas City, MO

As we age, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to begin to collect possessions. From knickknacks to books, clothing, etc., seniors enjoy collecting. Sometimes, however, collecting goes further and becomes a hoarding issue. Time and time again we have helped families clean the homes of loved ones that became overwhelmed with clutter and debris. A hoarder’s […]

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Michael Ganda Announced as Director of Strategic Marketing for ServiceMaster DSI

DSI Holdings Corporation, dba ServiceMaster DSI, has announced the hiring of Michael Ganda as their new Director of Strategic Marketing. Mr. Ganda’s primary responsibility will be overseeing DSI’s web site and digital presence. DSI Holdings Corporation, the largest owner and operator of ServiceMaster franchises in the United States, has announced the hiring of Michael Ganda […]

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Is Your Property Prepared for This Year’s Tornado Season?

Severe weather, flash flooding and tornadoes are predicted to strike across parts of the Midwest this week. Not only are tornadoes predicted this week, AccuWeather is reporting that there will be a nine percent increase in tornadoes this year. Don’t wait for warning sirens to sound, take these five steps to protect your home and […]

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