House Fires During Grilling Season and Who to Call for Fire Damage Restoration in Indianapolis, IN

As warmer weather settles in and summer quickly approaches, spending time outdoors becomes an attractive option. For many households, this involves making the most of outdoor cooking opportunities. Grilling outdoors on a charcoal or propane grill, or using fires and outside cookware, is a great way to bring depths of flavor to a meal. With all the fun and good food that outdoor cooking offers comes an increase in the variety of ways an unwanted fire could start. This increased risk of fire puts your home in danger more than any other time of year. If you experience a grilling-related house fire this summer, ServiceMaster DSI offers comprehensive large-loss fire damage restoration in Indianapolis, IN.

Because outdoor cooking varies from household to household, there are many ways the danger of house fires can be increased:

  • Grease flare ups are the most common cause of fires during outdoor cooking sessions. Fats dripping from foods or old grease on a dirty grill can quickly and violently ignite, spreading the fire to nearby flammable objects like decking, buildings, or even grass, clothing, and hair. Unexpected grease flare ups can really ruin a dinner, but they can also lead to severe building damage caused by flames spreading to your home
  • Charcoal spills are another problem with charcoal grills. While it seems almost impossible for hot coals to escape the grill, there are a number of reasons why it may happen. For example, old or damaged grills might have small cracks along the bottom where sparks and hot pieces of charcoal may fall. Charcoal grills are also more lightweight than propane grills and can be knocked over more easily, spilling red-hot charcoals over your lawn, patio, or deck
  • Leaks in your propane grill pose a very dangerous situation when it comes to outdoor cooking. Whether the valve has a small leak or the gas line or burner assemblies are cracked, any leak creates a situation of poor grill integrity. These leaks can lead to unwanted flames that can ignite nearby structures
  • Flammable materials too close to the grill is another common cause of house fires when it comes to outdoor cooking. Loose clothing, towels, long hair, pet tails, tree branches, and structures are all flammable objects often close to grills that could potentially ignite. Unfortunately, many grills are also close to houses, and that proximity further increases the dangers of a house fire

If you experience large-scale damage this summer from outdoor cooking or any other cause of fire, ServiceMaster DSI can give you a full recovery with our professional fire damage restoration in Indianapolis, IN. Contact us at (317) 559-2231 today for more information.

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