Colorado’s High Ranking for Man-Made Environmental Hazards and the Importance of Trauma Cleanup in Denver, CO

While property values rise across Colorado, pollution remains a problem in many cities throughout the state. In 2014, Denver County ranked 5th among regions in the U.S. with the highest concentrations of man-made environmental hazards. Three years later, many of the hazards have barely been addressed and still put Denver homes and businesses at risk of pollution and trauma situations. When it comes to faulty containment for man-made environmental hazards, ServiceMaster DSI offers protection and waste mitigation with comprehensive emergency trauma cleanup in Denver, CO.

There are several sources of man-made environmental hazards in Denver County that pose a danger to the community and natural environment. These sources can range from illicit manufacturing to long-established city-sanctioned industrial sites.

Drug Labs: Meth labs have been a growing problem for Denver law enforcement agencies over the last 20 years. Abandoned or busted meth labs leave behind severe amounts of hazardous waste that are harmful to people and the environment. This waste can include anything from ammonia and ethyl alcohol to lithium metal and Freon. Meth lab sites and other drug labs should be treated by trained trauma cleanup professionals.

 Mining: Colorado has a long history of mining and it played a large role in the silver boom and the gold rush. Historical mining sites like the Argo Mill and Silverton’s historical district still stand as tourist sites. However, the environmental effects of those mining sites are detrimental even today. The reshaping of the land and the exposure of buried elements like radium still put Denver’s communities in danger as runoff and air pollution travel from mining sites. When waste cleanup projects are launched to remediate the dangers of old mine sites, ServiceMaster DSI can provide emergency trauma cleanup to communities across the Denver-Aurora metro area.

 Landfills: The most hazardous landfill affecting the environment in Denver County is the Lowry Landfill. The 507-acre site accepts industrial and city waste. Despite the 1984 recognition of its causing severe environmental harm, the Lowry Landfill contaminates groundwater, soil, sediment, air, and surface water to this day. When waste cleanup projects are planned for the Lowry site and other landfills in and around Denver, our trauma cleanup teams are qualified to take on the worst.

Smelting Plants: Though the majority of environmental dangers caused by major smelting plants like the Globe Plant were addressed in 2009, a large amount of pollution remains. The manufacturing process of smelting plants leaks toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic, and zinc into the earth, and if significant breaches in the containment of smelting plants occur, emergency trauma cleanup must be provided to protect the environment and communities up to 50 miles in radius.

This is a very abridged list of man-made environmental hazards in Colorado, and there are many more dangers in existence. For more information about our emergency trauma cleanup in Denver, CO, contact ServiceMaster DSI at (303) 288-2900 today.

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